Enjoying paris

View the Taj Majal by moonlight
Body language according to countries


Smiling to someone from the opposite sex:
In France : You’re polite.
In Turkey : You’re in love.

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24th July, ThursdayReblog



Britney Spears always wanted a little sister and hated the fact that the female reproductive system was only capable of producing one female offspring in a lifetime, so she began to research the causes of this phenomenon. She discovered in 1988 that women had more than one egg with a X chromosome but they wouldn’t drop during ovulation after the first daughter was born. Spears developed a technique the following year, referred to as in vitro fertilisation, to remove X chromosome eggs from the ovaries to produce a female zygote outside of the mother to be placed inside her at a later time. In 1990 Lynne Spears, Britney’s mother, allowed Britney to perform this procedure on her and on April 4, 1991, Britney Spears had successfully invented Jamie Lynn Spears, the first little sister.

I’m really confused because there are females with little sisters all over the world

All thanks to Britney Spears. God bless.

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tell me about your crush/day/week/life/self/anything on anon


because why not and its nice to hear about your lives 

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